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By Jordyn Phelps
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Meridith McGraw
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Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP
WATCH President Trump signs executive order he says will keep immigrant families together
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President Donald Trump , under growing pressure to act unilaterally to address the immigration crisis, Wednesday signed an exeutive order that he said would keep immigrant families at the border together.

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"I didn't like the sight or the feeling of families being separated," Trump said.

Bitmask of developer options. The meanings of the bit fields in this parameter may vary at any time. Developers should check the source code for current meaning

Acro yaw expo to allow faster rotation when stick at edges

Acro Throttle Mid

This controls whether packets from other than the expected GCS system ID will be accepted

FRAME_CLASS: Frame Class

Controls major frame class for multicopter component

PILOT_SPEED_DN: Pilot maximum vertical speed descending Cottonterry Robe Anderson amp; Sheppard Buy Cheap Big Discount 5IM10MgL

The maximum vertical descending velocity the pilot may request in cm/s

Altitude during Landing at which vehicle slows to LAND_SPEED

ADSB_ENABLE: Enable ADSB Stud Buckle Ankle Boot With Cone Heel Black New Look Hot Sale Cheap Online Get To Buy Cheap Price Latest qtNjuTB

Enable ADS-B

ADSB list size of nearest vehicles. Longer lists take longer to refresh with lower SRx_ADSB values.

ADSB vehicle list radius filter. Vehicles detected outside this radius will be completely ignored. They will not show up in the SRx_ADSB stream to the GCS and will not be considered in any avoidance calculations.

ICAO_ID unique vehicle identification number of this aircraft. This is a integer limited to 24bits. If set to 0 then one will be randomly generated. If set to -1 then static information is not sent, transceiver is assumed pre-programmed.

ADSB classification for the type of vehicle emitting the transponder signal. Default value is 14 (UAV).

Aircraft length and width dimension options in Length and Width in meters. In most cases, use a value of 1 for smallest size.

GPS antenna lateral offset. This describes the physical location offest from center of the GPS antenna on the aircraft.

GPS antenna longitudinal offset. This is usually set to 1, Applied By Sensor

Transceiver RF selection for Rx enable and/or Tx enable. This only effects devices that can Tx and Rx. Rx-only devices override this to always be Rx-only.

VFR squawk (Mode 3/A) code is a pre-programmed default code when the pilot is flying VFR and not in contact with ATC. In the USA, the VFR squawk code is octal 1200 (hex 0x280, decimal 640) and in most parts of Europe the VFR squawk code is octal 7000. If an invalid octal number is set then it will be reset to 1200.

Describes your hardware RF In/Out capabilities.

This enables the advanced failsafe system. If this is set to zero (disable) then all the other AFS options have no effect

This sets a digital output pin to set high when in manual mode

This sets a digital output pin which is cycled at 10Hz when termination is not activated. Note that if a FS_TERM_PIN is set then the heartbeat pin will continue to cycle at 10Hz when termination is activated, to allow the termination board to distinguish between autopilot crash and termination.

by Matt Griffin ·

Displays that are more tiny than our lowest-size breakpoints require a more condensed range of type sizes. If you don’t already have in place a typographic system that can absorb the demands of this new context (watches, wearables, digital sticky notes, whatever), now might be the time to consider it. Matt Griffin was ready for anything because his site was simple and built to be future friendly.

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If you’ve been treating “people with disabilities” as an edge case for your websites, consider this a reckoning. Web accessibility means that everyone can use the web. The job of a web designer isn’t to question the configurations, devices, and tools that users bring to the table; it’s to rise to the challenge of making a site work for anyone who wishes to use it. Anne Gibson makes the case for site testing, inclusivity, and a better way of thinking about people online.

by Antoine Lefeuvre ·

The labels of version links are key to navigating international websites. Making sure they are clear and unambiguous can increase user happiness and make you stand out in a crowd.

by Onzie Cross Back Printed Bra Smoke and mirrors Onzie Buy Cheap Outlet Shop Offer Online Clearance Visit I9wx4balLc

We all want user research that provides reliable guidance for our teams. But bias is tricky—it’s often introduced unknowingly. How can we be sure that the results of guerrilla user research sessions are as impartial as possible? Alla Kholmatova has the answer: getting more collaborative in how we plan, lead, evaluate, and analyze our user research.

by Ribbed bellsleeve sweater Alexander McQueen Authentic Best Place Sale Get To Buy Clearance Cheap Cheap For Cheap u6zOEVhu

Full of knowledge and creativity but not yet quite able to read, kids from ages 4 to 6 occupy a “muddy middle” for designers—they’re too old for toddler games, but too young for most apps and games made for “big kids.” Learn how to understand this group in this excerpt from Deb Gelman’s book, Design for Kids, out now from Rosenfeld Media.

by Sarah Horton , Whitney Quesenbery ·

Whether you contribute to the user experience, development, or strategy of your website, you have a business, ethical, and (in many cases) legal responsibility to make your site accessible. And an equally compelling duty to your stakeholders, creativity, and career to achieve accessibility without sacrificing one whit of design or innovation. So what’s a site and application maker to do? For starters, read this book! We are thrilled to present an exclusive excerpt from Chapter 5 of A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences by Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery, available now from Rosenfeld Media—and with a 20 percent discount for ALA readers, even.

User research is about understanding people. But how can we do that when frontline methods of research aren’t an option? Jon Peterson offers up several “outside the box” methods for getting to know users when access and funding is limited.

by Jeans in Black Givenchy Free Shipping Outlet Locations ujmZ2ZRVAT

When we can’t trace low-level decisions back to a specific objective or problem statement, we lose sight of what we should and shouldn’t do on a project. Dan Brown shows us how to create assertions that keep design direction from unraveling.

by Cheap Pay With Visa Mens Mix amp; Relax Shirt Langarm146861 Pyjama Top Schiesser Cheap Explore Release Dates Authentic Cheap Discount Authentic Inexpensive CMl4I

Good data visualizations bring new meaning to “great UX.” They deliver something real, accessible, and human. And our designs can help users customize that experience. The web is a natural medium for truly interactive data, as author Byron Houwens explains.

by Aimee Gonzalez-Cameron ·

Registering for school, paying bills, updating government documents—we conduct a significant part of our daily lives through web forms. So when simply typing in your name breaks a form, well, user experience, we have a problem. As our population continues to diversify, we need designs that accommodate a broader range of naming conventions. Aimee Gonzalez shows how cultural assumptions affect what we build on the web—and how fostering awareness and refining our processes can start to change that.

by PREMIUM Retro Lace High Waist Bikini Bottom Red Asos Discount For Cheap Explore For Sale High Quality Free Shipping 100% Guaranteed Qcwn4O9n

Showing your in-progress designs can be scary, but there’s no better way to keep your product in line with your users’ needs. Research and testing aren’t just boxes to be checked off; they’re methodologies to be integrated into the entire design process—and the more, and the more diverse, the merrier. Jessica Harllee explains how Etsy shares their work with users every step of the way—and the benefits (and surprises) that follow.

by Sleeveless Top Plumeria In Flames by VIDA VIDA Get Authentic For Sale Cheap Limited Edition Buy Cheap 100% Guaranteed Shop Your Own S3RCgANvL

Attracting—and keeping—new users is a delicate dance. Too many obstacles and people don’t sign up; too little interaction and they don’t come back. The ideal onboarding process turns potential users into loyal ones—by thoughtfully identifying new users, teaching them to use your product, and giving them a reason to return. Rick Pastoor shares his onboarding framework and what he’s learned about the difference between a good onboarding process and a great one.

by Lyza Danger Gardner ·

Between the intricacies of documentation and the risk of wielding too much power over the browser, WAI-ARIA can be daunting. For the dev uncertain on how to fold accessibility best practices into their daily workflow, Lyza Gardner sets out to summarize one category of roles—the landmark roles. They help user agents map out the territories on a page so the user can navigate them with greater ease, and they’re a great place to start getting familiar with ARIA’s part in assistive technology.

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